You are not Sting, are you? :)

« Gandalf the grey (or a wonder woman) is… » , » Hey,  it’s not M.E man, just WordPress »!  (sorry J.R.R…) 🙂

You’re welcome!

Your president is here, « con »? 😉

Take a look at this , before « STOP, IN THE NAME OF LOVE… »

Ufo, strange things (french site) (gg translation)
(Not American, please tell me…)

Have a look at this…

Instructive meditation:

You wanna help this people?    (The true nature and art of virtue.)

And now, a « vertical dream »… or an interactive one!

The wisdom of Confucius! (are u ready for it?)

A new awakening (a path toward enlightment)

Poetry game:  balloons’ day(what it looks like?) (gg translation)

balloons’ day, beautyfull day.
balloons’ day, i have nothing to say. ( because love is everywhere)
b.d, how good we are!
bd, …
a wonderfull french blog with plenty of pictures!!(gg translation)

brian ( an human enigma…)

healing ways:

The Bridge: Science and Spirituality (by Morgan Taylor)

Are dreams realer than we thought?

you’re right in the middle 🙂 😉 🙂


Une réponse à “You are not Sting, are you? :)

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parlez moi de Dieu, des secrets de l'Univers... Quelques mots suffiront. Ton clavier est il ok, Chris... :) ( Is your keyboard ok?)

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